Beggars All

James Swan has invited me to be a contributor at his blog, Beggars All Reformation and Apologetics.

My first post is here.

Please stop by there and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Beggars All

    1. Thanks Tim :-)

      I had been working at this for some time (and for a few years before that on a blogspot site), when James asked me if I’d like to post at Beggars All. Of course, his audience is much larger than mine was, so I jumped at the chance. But ever since then, I’ve wondered what to do with this site. I’ve repackaged and reposted some of what I’ve written here, but I’m still thinking through what this site is for. I’ve thought about making it more personal, but the name lends itself to something bigger than just me. So I’m still open to suggestions.


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