The New Modern Reformation Work on “Justification”

Take a few minutes and watch this little video introduction by Michael Horton to MR’s new book “Justification”. It’s a great introduction to all of the many issues that are surrounding the topic of justification these days.

In an incredibly easy manner, Horton discusses all of these challenges to justification and really puts the whole topic back into perspective. And yes, he says, we have more “justification” for believing the Reformers’ doctrine of justification, than even the Reformers themselves did.

This video is actually a commercial for Modern Reformation’s new work “Justification”, which is a compilation of articles from the last 20 years or so on the topic of justification.

In this brief 10 minute introduction, Horton first places “justification by grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone” in the context of the Reformation Solas, as it leads to Soli Deo Gloria.

Then in short order, he introduces and discusses each of the following (beginning at about 2:35 of this video):
Lutheran World Federation 1999 “Joint Declaration” on Justification
“Evangelicals and Catholics Together”
The New Perspective on Paul
The New Finnish Interpretation of Luther
The Federal Vision
N.T. Wright’s “inadequate” covenant of theology

All of these challenges to justification “collapse” sanctification into justification. That’s the common element of theories of justification that don’t hold to the Biblical norm.

In this new book, Horton says that the authors look at the doctrine of justification both historically and exegetically, and asking, “does the Reformation interpretation of these passages still holdl water?

And his answer is yes, unequivocally, we are more justified than we ever imagined in holding to the Reformers’ doctrine of justification.

But don’t just imagine.


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