The (nearly lost) Reformational Hermeneutic – link to video

The (nearly lost) Reformational Hermeneutic – link to video

Excellent discussion on this Gospel Coalition video re: the distinction between Law & Gospel. Click the link & watch this, not because Tullian & Jono are two handsome lugs, but because this distinction is essential to properly understanding God’s Word. His Word comes in these two words, Law & Gospel. This is the “hermeneutic” (the proper way to read & interpret a text) taught in the Bible itself. In the Protestant Reformation, this is the hermeneutic that was recovered first by Luther, then Calvin, Beza, Ursinus, etc. Get fuzzy on the distinction between Law & Gospel, and you will get fuzzy on how God saves sinners – by grace ALONE through faith ALONE in Christ ALONE – to the glory of God ALONE.

I appreciate what Tullian Tchividjian is doing, in bringing this hermeneutic back into the light of day.  In my humble opinion, I think there is a bit of a disconnect, though, in the theology of glory at work in high octane worship experiences such as may be found at Coral Ridge.  God comes to us in the Law as our Judge, and in the Gospel of His Son as our Savior – as applied by the Holy Spirit through the means of grace.  Word & Sacrament are the humble means by which our Triune God of grace conveys to us the glorious benefits of His Gospel.  He comes down to us by His Word (theology of the cross / Word of Christ) – we do not ascend to heaven by our pumped up jam session worship experience to pull Christ down.  That’s the theology of glory at work.  See Romans 10 (and 1 Cor 1:18-2:5).  That’s why our theology must shape our worship.  Charismatic / revivalistic presuppositions do not well serve Reformational worship.  I think there is some cognitive / spiritual dissonance at work here.  So, in case you were doubting my credentials, you can see I’m still a confessional curmudgeon at heart.

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