Grace is Absurd

I have been chuckling to myself all day long. I don’t know how this escaped me for so long; but grace is utterly absurd, at least according to our natural thinking. I was reading about the recent kerfuffle between Tullian Tchividjian and The Gospel Coalition. As I read the various articles and conflicting opinions I realized that I was going to have to make a decision about the idea of grace. This is not because my voice matters in regard to the high profile infighting over grace, law, and sanctification that has happened amongst some rather visible Christian personalities. Those involved wont read this, and probably wouldn’t care about it if they did. 

But I realized that I had to make a decision because the question about what grace is, what the gospel is, needs to be answered for every one claiming the name of Christ. Pr. Tchividjian has forced us to think this question over afresh, and I think we owe him a debt of gratitude.

I have landed on the side of the Tchividjians (and Capons and Luthers) of the world. “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. Why isn’t there an exclamation mark after that statement in the bible? Grace is so ridiculous. I am saved. I am going to Heaven, and will eventually inherit a restored paradise and live forever in perfect harmony and love with my God and my brothers and sisters.

Hasn’t he seen my sins? That’s the really stupifyingly absurd part of it. He KNOWS what I have done and I have, in the words of Robert Capon, “gotten off scott free”. It doesn’t make any sense. How can it be His “good pleasure” to give me anything? If I knew a man like me, I’d want him dead. But he has given me life, and given it freely. But not just freely, abundantly!!!! I have more life than I know what to do with!!!!!!

That was a pure stream of consciousness. I am just overwhelmed right now by the utter strangeness of God’s grace. But if we lose that, we lose the gospel and the reformation that it sparked.


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