Mea Culpa

Over the last few days I have been involved in a less than hospitable exchange with one Andrew Taylor over on his blog. Toward the end of the exchange Mr. Taylor made this comment to me: “I’m beginning to wonder if you have anything of substance to add here or if you’re still just the same old Andrew, bitter and asinine toward everyone who doesn’t agree with you…”

While I do insist that Mr. Taylor has painted me with too broad a brush, his comment does point to a wrong tendency in my own approach to polemics. I have a lot of friends who disagree with me theologically, politically, etc…but I am far too quick to become aggressive and hostile toward some of those with whom I disagree. As I stated in a previous article, reformation and renewal in the church begins with the reformation of individuals.

I confess that often I am the bad guy when it comes to this sort of thing. In fact, the aforementioned thread comment began after I left an unnecessarily sarcastic comment which was aimed, again I confess, at nothing more than getting under the skin of Mr. Taylor. I have behaved immaturely and in an unchristian fashion, and not only this once. I continue to seek repentance and renewal. 

To Mr. Taylor: I had no right to come to your blog with no other intention than to be irritating and pick a fight. But that is just what I did. The argument proper that we were having needs to be had; but it will never be a constructive one when it begins the way I began it. I am Sorry.

And to my blog partners here I also issue an apology. To whatever extent, large or small, I have given you all a black eye, I take responsibility and I apologize. I will endeavor to behave with more self-control and grace in the future.


3 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. Andrew, you did the right thing in apologizing when you recognized wrong-headedness. I think there is too little self-reflection these days. It takes grace to humbly admit fault and take responsibility for your actions. I have been reading your posts for a while and have noticed your tendency toward snarkiness but I always enjoy a good zinger. I have learned a lot from you. Keep it up.


  2. Thanks Andrew for your gracious apology. I too am excessively snarky. It spices things up a bit. But when you put two snarky dudes on opposite sides of the spectrum, it’s like a big explosion. So I too have to apologize for giving it right back to you.

    All the best,



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