There is no “God in the machine”

Cosmos as clock
Cosmos as clock

Because there is no machine.

Yes, you will not understand what I mean until I explain myself.  By this I am not talking about the plot device lampooned by Greek philosophers I am taking aim at Descartes, who talked about the human body as being machine-like, as distinct from the soul. That particular machine analogy was easily extended to the world at large (see here for more).

Rather, I assert that there is no God, or soul, in either of those “machines” because there are no biological or cosmological machines.

Analogies are critical…

The creation we know is not God’s machine or technology, but His art – not so much like a painting, as C.S. Lewis said, but His living art – the distinct, unequal and beautiful (but diseased!  Sin…) partner with whom He dances, always animating and upholding her* .

Read more here at my blog.  The Roman Catholic church has, more or less, made its peace with Darwin.  Not so much us.  In the years to come, as debate over whether or not it is reasonable to insist on a “historical Adam” heats up, I think we may well see some backtracking from Rome on the issue (even as some prominent voices among these ancient churches do not seem to think this a very critical issue).  I think the ideas that I bring up in my post present all Christians with creative avenues for challenging the rather constricting and life-suffocating mindset that ultimately lies behind the Darwinian theory. 


*Yes, and particularly His treasured bride, the Church.

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