A brutal infection Protestantism is less susceptible to?

"Create your own creatures and guide them through evolution, civilization and into the stars beyond."
“Create your own creatures and guide them through evolution, civilization and into the stars beyond.”

From a recent post at my own blog:

It hit me this past weekend as I talked with a fellow Cub Scout dad – a very bright man and gifted mathematician – that everything I am saying here [about the modern scientific and technological mindset (MSTM) – see this post] actually dovetails rather nicely with “moralistic therapeutic deism”.  As he explained the video game Spore, I noted how it sounded like a spectacular catechization into a purely Darwinian worldview – where man who emerges from the the laws of nature – the impersonal – basically creates God.  A very moral man and faithful church attending Roman Catholic, this man thought the game was largely right in its view of man.  I gave him much to think about, among other things that his view sounded very much like moralistic therapeutic deism to me.

Check out the whole post, “The “Upside” of Being a Gadget, or, We are All Acting Like Atheists Now”.  Why might it be that even more Roman Catholicism has more easily succumbed to Darwinian notions than Protestantism?  Is there something about the Roman Catholic theological system that makes it susceptible to the theory?  And deism?  And even practical atheism?

Loaded questions I know, but please check out the post and let me know what you think.  I have also posted it at Jordan Cooper’s blog, Just and Sinner, a blog I highly recommend checking out if you do not already do so.

UPDATE: Just realized that Michael Horton and R.C. Sproul recently spoke about deism being rife in American evangelicalism, and how it dovetails with Pelagianism.  Also interesting how with Aristotle, one basically has a deistic god…