The entire church is polluted by the papacy

Over the last several days, I’ve become enmeshed in several discussions, following my decision to re-post something that Stephen Wolfe first commented upon. The three blog posts that have spun off from this are, in chronological order:

Historical Roman Catholicism is the cradle, enabler, and teacher of radical Islam today

Roman crusading “fossilized Islam into a fanatic posture”

Calvin: “The entire church is polluted by the papacy.”

(The link to the original Facebook post is, I think, in the first of those three links).

These blog posts, in turn, have generated a bit of controversy, not least of which is from my fellow Triabloggers. As well, I’ve had a number of people give me some tremendous support, which I cherish.

I don’t shy away from controversy. The Internet (and resources such as blogs and Facebook) give us unprecedented opportunities to bring things to light that have been hidden for centuries – and to share that light at virtually the speed of light.

Things are rapidly changing in the world. Not just “things”, but, it seems, everything is changing rapidly in the world. Someone I know says that in this environment, our greatest strength is our ability to learn. I would add, to learn and also to adapt and feed that learning and adaptation back into the system.

What’s a plan for getting rid of the pollution? Brush, rinse, repeat, ever more quickly.

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"We are His workmanship," His poiema, His "poetry." If you've ever studied poetry, or struggled to write a poem, you understand the care God takes to "work all things together for good" in our lives. For this reason, and many others, I believe in the Sovereignty of God. I have seen His hand working in my life, and I submit myself to His merciful will, with all my being.

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