Davenant Latin Institute

Davenant Press has recently launched the Davenant Latin Institute. Its purpose is to “to equip today’s seminarians, graduate students, and teachers with the competency to unearth these treasures, reading them in the original and perhaps even translating them for others to enjoy.” The institute will offer a “program of online courses, both introductory and advanced, equipping students with basic Latin reading competence and, for those that desire, the skills they need to engage with and translate some of the most difficult early modern theological texts.”

The focus is on “theological Latin,” and students will learn to translate Latin texts from the Reformation era. One reviewer of the program writes, “The world of Reformation and post-Reformation Protestant theology is still mainly a Latin world, and the Davenant Latin Institute is, to my knowledge, the only project that promises to lead students into that world.”

This is a great opportunity for graduate students and seminarians to learn theological Latin. Enrollment for an intensive summer course and a two-semester course starting in August is happening now. Scholarships are available based on need and merit.