Stephen Wolfe’s New Blog

I started a new blog called Lovely Country. I will focus on issues related to place, home, and localism. I will also post on theological and philosophical issues. If you have found my writing beneficial to you in some way, please follow my new blog.

I have enjoyed my time at Reformation500. I thank John Bugay for the invitation to write here and for all the work he put into keeping it going. John’s friendship and support over the last couple of years has meant more to me than I can communicate.

As the readers can see, the blog has been rather quiet for some time now. It will likely remain that way, though I might post on theological issues wholly unrelated to my blog’s purpose. So I am not leaving completely.

Still, I want to thank those who have read, “liked,” and/or commented on my posts. It reassures me that I’m not just talking to myself.


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