This is My Body Pt. 2

In the first installment in this series on the Lord’s supper I made the argument that the Lutheran claim to take Christ’s words of institution at the supper at face value, in distinction from other protestants, falls flat. In short my argument is that the Lutheran apologetic over against the “sacramentarians” fails to meet it’s […]

I Wish I Had Carl Trueman’s Brain

This perhaps has nothing to do with the “Reformation 500” theme of this blog, but Carl Trueman has written a blog post regarding the insanity going on in our culture surrounding the issue of gender. It is a concise, and brilliant, bit of insight into the self-defeating nature of unbelieving thought. Read and be edified. 

Reformation Starts With Those Idiots Over There (Or, In My Image I Re-created Them)

It seems perfectly obvious to me that in this culture the Church stands in as great a need of reformation now as it ever did. That is, the Church as an institution, needs to be reformed. We need our false gospels, and false gods taken from us and repentance granted. But I am concerned here […]

Gazing Wrongly at The Right Thing

More than once I have heard Lutherans distinguish themselves from Reformed Christians by saying that Calvinism is “God-centered” while Lutheranism is “Christ-centered”. For quite a long time I had no idea what that could possibly mean. Isn’t Jesus Christ God in the flesh? Would it not therefore be synonymous to say either “God-centered” or “Christ-centered”? […]