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Book Printing as Impetus for Reformation

In the century just prior to the Reformation, the invention of the printing press enabled the faster production and distribution of books, and the ability of more and more people to own them. Continue reading

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Anabaptism, or “the Radical Reformation”

We know the heirs of the communities that were formed as part of the “Radical Reformation”, or “Anabaptists”, as “Mennonite” and “Amish”. While these communities, while visible, have had relatively little influence in either doctrine or culture, some of their … Continue reading

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A Book Review in Several Parts: “From Apostles to Bishops: The Development of the Episcopacy in the Early Church” by Francis A. Sullivan, S.J.

A few years ago I began to study the Catholic faith in which I was raised. And the findings of that study were disturbing. Whereas we had always been taught that the Pope of Rome was the “Vicar of Christ” … Continue reading

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Lutheran Theologians in American history

When I was leaving Roman Catholicism, I was looking for the history of others who had left it as well. Most of the historical writings I was finding were coming out of the Reformed tradition – in this podcast, Jordan … Continue reading

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Anselm of Canterbury: An 11th Century “Sinner’s Prayer”

There is an exhortation of Anselm (1033-1109) to a dying brother, written in the most comforting words: “When a brother seems to be in his death struggle, it is godly and advisable to exercise him through a prelate or other … Continue reading

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The One True Church

Down below, in comments following Stephen Wolfe’s article “Two Roman Catholic claims that cannot both be true”, I responded to a comment by the Roman Catholic blogger Joseph Richardson, in which I put together a brief summary of what I … Continue reading

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The Babylonian Captivity Of The Papacy – R. Scott Clark

Dr. Clark weighed in a topic about which I posted yesterday.  In this 600th anniversary year of the convening of the Council of Constance, his effort is very timely and can be read here. The crux of the matter is … Continue reading

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