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People Learned About “The Reformation” in Their Own Language

A lot of things contributed to the spread of the Gospel at the time of the Reformation. Pervasive knowledge of the corruption of “the Church”. The printing press. The willingness (and newfound ability) of the Reformers to reach back ad … Continue reading

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Book Printing as Impetus for Reformation

In the century just prior to the Reformation, the invention of the printing press enabled the faster production and distribution of books, and the ability of more and more people to own them. Continue reading

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How the Regulative Principle of Worship Affirms, Supports, and Ensures a Meaningful World

Many Protestants have rightly recognized that much of our thinking, our theology, our worldview, and our way of being is hopelessly modern. We are so caught up in modernity that it takes conscious effort to escape it. Our modern age … Continue reading

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Steve Hays on the Best in Current Biblical Scholarship

Steve Hays as produced a blog post with the humble title “An OT and NT bibliography”, but honestly, if you care to understand the Scriptures, you’ll want to make this your first stopping point as you begin to research any … Continue reading

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Warfield on Calvin: General and Special Revelation

In John’s recent posts (here, here, and here), I’ve expressed some concern over Richard Muller’s characterization of Calvin’s view of the relationship of special revelation (scripture) to general revelation (or natural revelation). I cited Benjamin Warfield as support. Some of … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism on Trial: Evidence and Assumptions

Protestants who engage Roman Catholics often leave the discussion in frustration. It seems that Roman Catholic apologists have an answer for everything: nothing penetrates their system revealing inconsistency with the evidence. They are good at accounting for facts, even the facts … Continue reading

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Review of “Canon Revisited” by Michael Kruger

I recently finished reading “Canon Revisited” by Michael Kruger.  The author answers the question, “How can Christians have confidence that the 27 books of the New Testament are the correct ones?” Michael J. Kruger (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is professor … Continue reading

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