Calvin’s Social Agenda

In my previous two posts (here and here), I have quoted from a series of sermons given by Calvin on 1 Corinthian 11:11-16. The sermons shed light on Calvin’s view of social hierarchy, social mobility, and social customs; and he sounds much more medieval than modern. In other posts and using other sources, I have […]

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All I have is Jesus

I was thinking about writing an article about our response to our own depravity (both what it often is and what it should be) and as I struggled to put my thoughts onto the page, I remembered a hymn that I had written when feeling extrodinarily guilty about a sin some time ago. It is […]

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Please Share

Dear Readers: Down below, Andrew said: “We need to know what we believe more than we need to know why the beliefs of others are false. There is a place for that and polemics are good; but polemics must be balanced and even handed.” Those of you who know me know that I’m a pretty […]

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