The Jacob Aitken Reading List: “the ePistemologian’s Progress”

A portion of it, anyway.

I found this list on Facebook – it appears to be a list of “things to read” before the year 2020. He says:

This list was taken from Craig and Moreland (2003): 627-639 [Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview]. It’s a specialized list of technical works in philosophy and theology. The theology section was kind of soft, so I didn’t spend too much time transmitting those titles. I only listed works that a) are in LC’s library or b) I otherwise must have, assuming they weren’t in LC’s library.

Of course, if you pop over and look at the list, you’ll see why he’s giving himself some time to do it.

Update: If you can’t get to the Facebook list (linked above), I’ve posted the entire list at Triablogue, here.