The New Guy (I think his name is Andrew)

Mr. John Bugay has invited me, for some reason, to contribute on his blog. Having interacted with John quite a bit and getting a sense of who he is I am happy to oblige. I am a Christian who has done a lot of searching and changing as I have looked for the answer to the question of what it really means to be a Christian. I certainly do not have all the fine points of theology nailed down, and I don’t claim to have all the answers. I do know that Jesus Christ is mighty to save and that the Reformation was a very good thing. With that short introduction being out of the way I want to thank Mr. Bugay for inviting me and to promise to try and post material that will be edifying to anyone who reads it, should they choose to do so. I am not a scholar, nor am I a theologian, but I play one on the internet. In seriousness I hope to be able to contribute something of value to what John is trying to do here. He has given me liberty to write about pretty much whatever I like. I will try and not make him pay too dearly for that.

Andrew Clover

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  1. Thanks Andrew, and welcome. I very much appreciated the work you did in starting up a Lutheran and Reformed Discussion Group on Facebook. I’m looking forward to working with you on this project.


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